Collaborative Grant Scheme Program

Country Serbia
Influence of the
financing instrument
Thematic Scope all
Type R&D Project Funding
Legal/Financial Form grant

Collaborative Grant Scheme Program is designed to incentivize private sector companies and public sector R&D organizations to engage in joint development projects with the goal of creating new products and services, as well as innovative technologies with significant future impact and market potential. With this Program, the Innovation Fund aims to provide financial assistance to innovative technological projects with a clear vision of development and defined business model and commercialization strategy.

Possible usage of the funding instrument in the P2G context: support the growth and competitiveness of SMEs in various sectors, in scope of that development of P2G represents an appreciated and desirable business model which has the potential to increase the competitiveness of SMEs in Serbia and WB region.

Legal Entity Fond za inovacionu delatnost
Innovation Fund
Geographic Scope Entire Serbia
Eligibility Criteria A consortium consisting of at least one micro, small or medium-sized company and at least one public R&D organization that comply with the eligibility criteria as described in Collaborative Grant Scheme Program Manual; the consortium cannot have more than 5 members
Co-Financing Rate Minimum of 70% of the total approved project budget for projects whose Lead Applicant is a micro or small company, or minimum of 60% of the total approved project budget for projects whose Lead Applicant is a medium sized company.
Volume Up to EUR 300.000
Duration Up to 24 months
Limitations A minimum of 30% of the grant financing (i.e. co-financing that the IF would contribute to the project) must be allocated in the project budget as compensation for the project activities conducted by the public Scientific Research Organization(s) within the consortium.
Periodicity thus far Yearly
Web Address