WBIF Investment Grants

Country Serbia
Influence of the
financing instrument
Thematic Scope power2gas technology
grid infrastructure
transport infrastructure
Type Investment Funding
Legal/Financial Form grant

Funding instrumen support projects in the field of renewable energy supply, energy interconnections, electric power transmission, distribution, electrification of urban and rural areas, energy efficiency, district heating, urban metering systems, gas infrastructure and future-proof gas pipelines.

Possible usage of the funding instrument in the P2G context: WBIF supports infrastructure project preparation activities as well as investments on the local and regional level (two calls for technical assistance and only one call for investment grants per year) with aim to initiate process of diversifying the country’s energy sources like building, installation and optimization of P2G plant.

Legal Entity Investicioni okvir za Zapadni Balkan
Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF)
Geographic Scope Entire Serbia
Eligibility Criteria Public sector or public private partnership
Co-Financing Rate The maximum co-financing rate for the infrastructure investment depends on the results of the Cost-Benefit Analysis for the Project, the actual needs of the Project for public support, as well as consultations between the European Commission (DG NEAR), the beneficiary country and the involved financial institutions (in scale of 20%-50%)
Volume (EC will allow for) 7 to 8 years for the operational implementation of the Action
Duration (EC will allow for) 7 to 8 years for the operational implementation of the Action
Limitations Projects need to be endorsed by the National IPA Coordinators (NIPACs)
Periodicity thus far Once per year
Web Address