Danube Region Programme

Country Transnational
Influence of the
financing instrument
Thematic Scope all
Type R&D Project Funding
Non R&D Project Funding
Legal/Financial Form grant

The programme promotes economic, social and territorial cohesion in the Danube Region through policy integration in selected fields, including developments related to biomass-electricity-gas sectors coupling. It has been providing funding for organisations to cooperate under different names since 1996. During the 2021-2027 programming period, it will continue supporting transnational cooperation in 14 countries under the new title "Danube Region Programme", with 4 priorities and 10 specific objectives, including the Specific Objective 2.1 Promoting Renewable Energy.

Possible usage of the funding instrument in the P2G context: Especially relevant to tackle with further developments in sectors coupling are still low usage of renewable energy and low security of energy supply connected with strong dependency on imported fossil fuels. Important is also the possibility to reach to the transport sector and support its decarbonization and introduction of alternative fuels based on renewable energy.

Legal Entity Joint Secretariat hosted by the Hungarian Ministry of Finance
Geographic Scope Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany (only specific regions), Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine (only specific regions)
Eligibility Criteria All legal entities from the programme area are eligible to be partners, while the lead partner must be an institution from an EU country
Co-Financing Rate 80%, in some countries a part or the entire remaining funding can be also secured by the state
Volume There is no strict upper limit for the grant, but usually the grants are between 1 M and 4 M EUR for the whole transnational consortium
Duration Maximum duration is between 24 and 36 months, depending on a specific call
Limitations DTP is not financing infrastructure type of projects, nevertheless preparation of infrastructure projects can be financed by the programme, including environmental studies necessary for the implementation of the infrastructure
Periodicity thus far Several calls will be launched within the period 2021-2027; in period 2014-2020 3 calls were launched
Web Address http://www.interreg-danube.eu