KEHOP-5.1.5-20 ELOSZTóK NAGYOBB HáLóZATI RUGALMASSáGOT, STABILITáST CéLZó KLASSZIKUS éS INTELLIGENS HáLóZATFEJLESZTéSEI.. KEHOP-5.1.5-20 Classical and intelligent network developments of distributors for greater network flexibility and stability....

Country Hungary
Influence of the
financing instrument
Thematic Scope electricity generation or consumption suitable for coupling with P2G hubs
Type Non R&D Project Funding
Investment Funding
Legal/Financial Form grant

The objective of the call is to support the development of classic and smart grids for flexibility and stability in the distribution network, thereby indirectly facilitating the system integration of weather-dependent renewable energy producers and the spread of electrification (spread of heat pumps and electric transport).  

Possible usage of the funding instrument in the P2G context: The subsidy also supports IT and info-communications support for the integration of weather-dependent renewable energy producers into the electricity system, these factors can help in the development of a complex and integrated energy system with the possibility of coupling to P2G hubs. 

Legal Entity Ipari és Technológiai Minisztérium
Ministry of Innovation and Technology
Geographic Scope The whole territory of Hungary
Eligibility Criteria Limited liability company, Joint stock company, European Company; Under this call, distribution network licensees under the VET (Act LXXXVI of 2007) can submit a grant application. It is also possible to submit a grant application under this call in the form of a consortium.
Co-Financing Rate 50% of the total eligible costs
Volume maximum amount is defined: 17,5 billion HUF (cca. 47 861 415 EUR)
Duration Deadline for physical completion of projects: 30/09/2023
Limitations Types of activities: On a high voltage network; Substation installations; Interventions due to the construction of non-public substations; Substation transformer replacements and expansions; Medium voltage network developments; Feed point compressions; Low voltage network upgrades; Digitization developments; Energy storage capacities installed on the electricity network up to a nominal output capacity of 0.5 MW
Periodicity thus far Several times a year
Web Address https://www.palyazat.gov.hu/node/73205#