Environmental protection funding from the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt

Country Germany
Influence of the
financing instrument
Thematic Scope power2gas technology
Type R&D Project Funding
Legal/Financial Form grant

The programme supports research and innovation actions that develop, optimise and demonstrate (for transfer) renewable energy applications. This includes innovative technologies in the field of efficient energy conversion and energy storage such as power-to-gas with focus on biogenic residues and waste streams as well as sector coupling. Demonstration projects are eligible, as long as they are not pure investment projects. 

Possible usage of the funding instrument in the P2G context: The German Federal Environmental Foundation has undertaken and participated in various projects involving the use, installation and optimisation of P2G plants, as well as supporting projects for the optimisation of supporting technologies and processes. Its aim of supporting projects with the goal of promoting innovative, exemplary and solution-oriented projects to protect the environment, ties in well the core aspects of a funding instrument, while having sufficient experience in project funding of P2G plants and related projects.

Legal Entity Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt
German Federal Environmental Foundation
Geographic Scope Germany, neighbouring countries of Germany, especially in Central and East Europe
Eligibility Criteria SMEs, research institutes
Co-Financing Rate Usually 50% for SMEs and 100% for public organisations
Volume Depending on specific calls
Duration Depending on specific calls
Limitations Two-stage application process. Not eligible are pure investment projects, exclusive fundamental research, studies without concrete implementation measures, projects for market launch of already developed ideas. The project must not have started in advance.
Periodicity thus far Continuously
Web Address