План за възстановяване и устойчивост

Bulgarian Resilience and Recovery Plan

Country Bulgaria
Influence of the
financing instrument
Thematic Scope power2gas technology
electricity generation or consumption suitable for coupling with P2G hubs
grid infrastructure
transport infrastructure
Type Investment Funding
Legal/Financial Form grant

The aim of the scheme is to support pilot projects that demonstrate industrial capabilities for production of green hydrogen and biogas. It envisions cooperation between research and business entities. 

The Grant can be used for building installations for production of green hydrogen and biogas. 

Legal Entity (Министерство на енергетиката и/или Министерство на околната среда
Ministry of Energy and/or Ministry of Environment
Geographic Scope National
Eligibility Criteria SMEs
Co-Financing Rate 50%
Volume The total amount of grants available will be 20 000 000 EUR (39,079,042 BGN).
Duration The financial resource should be disbursed by the end of 2023 and the pilot plants should be built by the end of 2026.
Limitations The maximum amount of financial resource available is 20 M euros. It should be distributed 85% for CAPEX, 15% - trainings, and 5% technology transfer and know-how.
Periodicity thus far only once with probability of reoccurrence
Web Address https://nextgeneration.bg/