Reduction of environmental pollution, noise protection, demonstration systems, etc.

Country Austria
Influence of the
financing instrument
Thematic Scope power2gas technology
Type Investment Funding
Legal/Financial Form grant

Funding is provided for measures in accordance with § 4 of the 2015 Funding Guidelines for Environmental Funding which cannot be assigned to another defined funding area and which have significant environmental effects. These include measures for the avoidance or reduction of operational noise, for the reduction of climate-relevant gases or demonstration facilities for testing advanced processes or system components to avoid or reduce various environmental impacts. 

Possible usage of the funding instrument in the P2G context: as such P2G plants can be classified and thus get funded.

Legal Entity KPC (Kommunalkredit Public Consulting), Bundesministerium für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Energie, Mobilität, Innovation und Technologie
KPC (Kommunalkredit Public Consulting) and Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology
Geographic Scope Austria
Eligibility Criteria Funding is provided for those parts of the investment that are directly related to the achievement of the environmental effect. Costs that have no or only an indirect connection with the environmental effect cannot be funded.
Co-Financing Rate max 40 %
Volume volume of funding 10.000 € - 4,5 M€
Duration not specified
Limitations Measures to reduce operational noise must be taken on one's own initiative. Measures implemented on the basis of legal or official requirements are not eligible for funding. Proof of operation of the existing plant in compliance with the decision must be provided at the time of application. Simultaneous application for funding by ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) needs to be made.
Periodicity thus far ongoing
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